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When we first started designing SnapPads, our understanding was there were only a few different leveling systems used throughout the industry. Oh, how wrong we were! There are actually a wide variety of systems with different size and shaped landing feet. That's why we have several different product lines (with more on the way). 

We get a lot of questions about how to figure out what automatic leveling system is on our customer's rigs. This handy guide will take you through the best and easiest ways to check your leveling system and jack feet size. 

First, we have to talk about the main brands of leveling systems that are on the market today:

  • LCI®/Lippert
  • Power Gear®
  • HWH®
  • Equalizer
  • Atwood®
  • Bigfoot
  • RVA®
  • Kwikee®

Doesn't seem like that many, does it? However, depending on the application, RV type, and required weight-bearing ability, each company has designed multiple shapes and sizes of landing feet. That means each brand can have multiple system configurations!

Knowing what RV leveling system you have will not only help you decide what SnapPads are right for you, but its also good practice to know what equipment is installed on your RV in case you need to make changes or repairs down the road.

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Here's the quick guide to figuring out what you have:

1. Check your control panel

The first step is also the easiest. Your control panel will have the brand or company that made your leveling system right on it, usually along the top of the panel. For example:




2. Look under your RV to see the brand and shape of your jacks.

Some of the main ones include:

HWH® - Compatible with HiWay 8, 10 & Bus

LCI® Level Up® & Ground Control® - Compatible with SnapPad Xtra.

 LCI® PSX1 @ PSX2 systems work with SnapPad XTRA Square 5 and Square 6, depending on the size of the foot. 

Power Gear® - Compatible with SnapPad PRIME

Equalizer Systems® - SnapPad EQ & EQ Grand


BigFoot® leveling systems by Quadra - SnapPad BF7 and BF10


RVA® leveling - SnapPad Rival

Most jacks will not be as clean as the ones in these pictures so you may need to wipe off some road grime to see what you have. 

For SnapPad purposes, part numbers are not useful, however, it might be worth noting just in case you need to replace a part in the future. 

3. Measure your landing feet

To be sure what SnapPad is right for you, you'll need to measure your landing feet.

Some RV's will have all the same size of foot, while others will have smaller landing feet in the front compared to the rear. some might also have three, four, or six landing feet and not all the feet may be the same shape.

To measure, retract your landing gear and measure the diameter of your landing foot from the bottom. 

If you do not measure from the bottom, you can't be sure of the exact size, as the cylinder will be in the way. 


To ensure the proper fit with your SnapPad package, you'll need to know:

  • Your leveling system manufacturer
  • The number of jacks on your system
  • The shape of your jacks
  • The size of your jacks

That's it! Seems simple, but it can be pretty confusing if you've never had to look into what system you have before. For some systems, this is all pretty straightforward, while others are a little more complicated. 

If you're still unsure, you can email us at and we'll gladly help you out. Or Submit Your Rig and we'll match you with the best SnapPad package for your RV. 

SnapPad® is a registered trademark of Origen RV Accessories Ltd. LCI® and Power Gear® are registered trademarks of Lippert Components, Inc. HWH® is a registered trademark of HWH Corporation. Bigfoot® is a registered trademark of Quadra. RVA® is a registered trademark of RVA Company. Origen RV Accessories Ltd. is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by any companies listed here, including Lippert Components, Inc. or HWH Corporation.

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