Introducing the Next Evolution of SnapPads: SnapPad Prime – RV SnapPad

Introducing the Next Evolution of SnapPads: SnapPad Prime

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of the Power Gear version of SnapPad called 'SnapPad Prime'. It's taken longer than we originally hoped for, but we erred on the side of caution when it came to our design and testing of the product. 

We took everything learned making SnapPad Xtra and added a few new features to make it to with large, 10-inch Power Gear jack pads, typical to Class-A motorhomes. 

So what are the differences?

Size! Prime is BIG

We had to increase SnapPad's size in order make sure this new version could handle the extra weight of Class-A MH's. As a result, Prime has almost twice the amount of recycled rubber as Xtra.

Here are the specs:

  • Weight
    • Xtra - 4.6 lbs
    • Prime - 8.8lbs 
  • Dimensions:
    • Xtra 11" x 11" x 1.83" 
    • Prime 13.125" x 13.125" x 2.750" 
    • Both will add 1" to the bottom of your landing foot
  • Surface area that contacts the ground:
    • Xtra - 100.24 sq/in - 61% increase in surface area compared to the flat LCI landing foot.
    • Prime - 142.71 sq/in - 326% increase in surface area from your standard Power Gear Landing foot. As you can see from the cross section below, this is because only 33.5 sq/in of the factory jack foot actually contacts the ground. 

    New Drainage Channel

    Xtra has drainage along the edges because the LCI landing foot is mostly flat.

    Since the Power Gear landing foot is more of a bowl shape, we designed an internal drainage channel that lines up with the built in Power Gear drainage holes. As a result, water is funnelled to the middle hole, which rapidly drains once the jack is retracted. 

    Installation Instructions

    Good news! Prime is just as easy to install as XTRA. In fact, the basic instructions are pretty much the same:

    1. Lube the lip with soap or grease
    2. Line up with jacks
    3. Lower jacks
    4. Snap into place

    There are some notable differences when installing Prime on your motorhome. 
    Click here to view the installation video. 

    • Motorhome jacks can be anywhere between 18" to 24" under your coach. You may need to use a tool (broomstick for instance) to line up your SnapPads. This is not ideal as installation is much easier if your pads are properly aligned.
    • Some motorhomes release there airbags prior to lowering the jacks. Make sure you allow the airbags to empty prior to prior to attempting installation. 
    • While SnapPad Xtra doesn't always need lubrication for installation, SnapPad Prime does. Place a small bead of concentrated liquid soap or grease around the lip of the pad and the landing foot. Prime has been designed to fit very tightly and it takes thousands of pounds of vertical pressure to install. Without the lubrication, you may damage your SnapPads' lip. 
    • Note - SnapPad Prime is a permanent jack pad solution. Once snapped into place, there are very difficult to remove. Double check to ensure there are no clearance issues prior to installation. 
    • Give your jacks a good cleaning prior to installing your SnapPads. Motorhome jacks take a lot of punishment under your RV and can be quite dirty!

    What RV's have Power Gear jacks?

    Power Gear has been around for a long time, although the design has had several updates. Fortunately, LCI have kept their landing foot size and shape roughly the same. Some Power Gear jacks retract via a spring while others are fully hydraulic (see below).

    SnapPad Prime fits on both versions:

    Great! So which RV's have Power Gear jacks? We recommend you double check yours to be sure. However we have discovered that Power Gear jacks are commonly found on brands such as:

    • Fleetwood - Discovery, Bounder, Southwind, Expedition, Revolution, Providence, Holiday Rambler and more.
    • Winnebago's - Voyage, Forza (only certain years and models)
    • Jayco - Alante, Precept, Seneca (Class C)
    • Dynamax - DX3 37TS (Class C)
    • Gulf Stream - Tourmaster
    • Itasca Meridian - (Only certain years, most have HWH jacks)
    • Land Yacht - XC360 

    Sorry Tiffin & Newmar owners. Nothing for you just yet.

    This initial list is intended to give a general idea of which RV's might have Power Gear jacks. If you own a Fleetwood then you most likely have Power Gear, while everyone else needs to double check to be sure what your RV is equipped with. 

    We hope that answers all of your SnapPad Prime questions! If you have any questions or you'd like to be added to our list for other designs, please contact us via email at, on our Facebook page, or via phone 1-855-762-7723.