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Ideal for fifth wheels with LCI® six-point leveling system featuring 9” round jacks. Snap on a set of XTRAs to your rig and eliminate all of your leveling hassles. Permanently.


The biggest, boldest shoes you can get for your RV. The SnapPad PRIME 4-pack is the ultimate leveling accessory for luxury Motorhomes with 4-point Power Gear® leveling systems. Give your rig the best in jack pad style, performance, and construction.


The SnapPad package comes with four round jackpads for HWH® systems with all 8” inch round leveling feet. Expand your RV’s footprint easily and permanently with the HiWay 8 pack.


If your rig features four 10” Octagon-shaped jacks, the SnapPad EQ Octagon four-pack is made for you. While the cavity of the pad is round, it allows for an octagon-shaped foot to be easily placed inside. Get EQ Octagon today and make your leveling hassles a thing of the past.

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Here's what makes SnapPad stand out.


SnapPad increases stability in 3 ways: a larger footprint, more vibration dampening, and by conforming to uneven terrain like gravel.


Installs in seconds. Stays on forever. Say goodbye to crawling under your rig every time you set up.


SnapPads absorb the daily punishment of the road and elements instead of your metal landing feet. Helps prevent the protective coating from being damaged by gravel, concrete, asphalt and the environment.

Anti Slip

SnapPads are made from durable rubber that grips any terrain. No more popping jacks or slipping in high winds or slick surfaces like ice.


Our process uses recycled tire crumb, high strength resin, and a 100+ ton press to make SnapPads extremely durable.

Environmentally Friendly

Made in the USA from recycled American tires. Good for the environment. Good for the country.

Electrical Insulator

May help protect your family and electronics in the event of an electrical surge from a non-direct lightning strike.


SnapPads looks as good as they work! Complete your RV by giving it some new, fancy shoes ☺