Hello SnapPadders and passionate RVers!

As many of you know, we have been “out of stock” on our site since April of this year. We wanted to explain why that is and what is happening next

The Situation

Our lack of available stock comes from two, opposing directions - high demand and pandemic-restricted manufacturing. 

We have seen very high demand thanks to our great partners and the new popularity of RVing due to the COVID pandemic.  

Unfortunately, the COVID19 pandemic also caused our manufacturing to lose staff to health and welfare concerns, lowering our ability to make SnapPads.

The drop in existing production clashed with our high and growing demand. We were forced to turn off online sales in order to honor the many backorders we have. However, we are slowly catching up to the demand and we are also working with new manufacturers to increase our SnapPad supply. 

The Fix

We are currently in negotiations with three other manufacturers in the US who we believe can make the SnapPads in the volume and at the quality we require. We hope to have at least one new producer actively making SnapPads very soon and up to three new suppliers by the end of the year. 

In addition, we have been improving our shipping and fulfillment processes, to ensure all SnapPad packages are shipping in fast and efficient manner once we have more stock available. 

Going Forward

For now, we are able to have a limited amount of our products available for purchase, although their availability will likely continue to fluctuate in the short-term. If the SnapPad package you are looking for is now available, please check with some of our online and RV dealer partners for availability.  

Want to sign up for the waiting list? Visit a product page, or get a product recommendation from our Submit Your Rig page, and click the "email me when available" button on the right side. You'll be notified immediately when the product is available.

Thanks again! From, the RV SnapPad team.

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