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About SnapPad

We launched SnapPad in September 2015, but the story began over 20 years earlier. Back in the 1990's, Origen Co-Founder Gordon Wilson conceived, created and launched one of the first ever drive-on RV levelling products in partnership with one of his best friends. In fact, it's still on the market today!

The New SnapPad

But Gord recently saw another opportunity to innovate and improve on his original concept. He teamed up with his sons and together they began to research a more permanent RV jack pad levelling product. After months of design, testing and preparation, The Origen company was born and SnapPads were released to the market.

The Response

We didn't know what to expect. We felt our new product offered clear benefits over existing levelling options, but there was no way to predict if the RV community would agree. After all, SnapPads are a radical departure from the norm.

We're proud to say the response has been tremendous. We have received glowing reviews and feedback from industry insiders, owners clubs and almost all of our customers.

The Future

In fact, due to overwhelming demand, we are now researching and designing new versions of the SnapPad to fit on different sized levelling systems and jack feet. Our mission is to create a permanent solution for all of the major levelling systems on the market today. Be sure to contact us if you have request!

Thank you for reading our story and coming on this journey with us. Origen is a small, family owned business and we're thrilled to be a part of the RV community.

  • Introducing
    SnapPad Xtra

    New drainage channels help keep your jack pads dry.

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  • A New Use
    For Old Tires

    All SnapPads are made from recycled tire crumb.

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  • Stability on
    Any Surface

    Stay stable in anything Mother Nature throws your way.

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  • Just Snap
    and Relax

    Installation is that simple.

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  • Feel The

    Get a good night's sleep. More stability, less vibration.

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  • Hitting a Pothole Creates 40G of Force

    So we scientifically tested SnapPads to 100G.

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