By: The Getaway Couple Rae and Jason

Needing leveling blocks for your RV is inevitable. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or full time RVer, you will be faced with the challenge of leveling your RV on an uneven surface eventually. It’s easy to think that the cheapest option is best because leveling is one small step in your setup process. However, it’s important to know that proper leveling will increase the lifespan of your RV and protect against additional repair costs. In reality, leveling your RV might be one of the most important steps in your process! While there are plenty of RV accessories out there for leveling, we are going to review the pros and cons of homemade leveling blocks VS SnapPads for your leveling needs.

Homemade jack pads compared to RV SnapPad

Let’s get into homemade leveling blocks VS SnapPads

Pros and Cons of Homemade Leveling Blocks

Homemade leveling blocks and homemade jack pads are almost always made out of wood. While wooden blocks can be the cheap and quick solution, they are not ideal for RV living over time. We completely understand wanting to save a buck and if you’re handy, wanting to make something of your own but there are some bigger downsides to wooden blocks than you may realize.


  • Wooden blocks are less expensive considering you’ll only be paying for the wood and nails. Don’t forget to factor in the cost of your time building them though.
  • Wooden blocks are customizable. If you’re making them at home you can size them to whatever fits your RV needs.


  • Wooden blocks are water sensitive. If they get moist (which they eventually will) you are providing insects with a cozy living environment.
  • Wooden blocks are prone to splitting and breaking down over time, meaning you’ll be spending additional time making more.
  • Wooden blocks are heavy. Since they are not permanent, you will be having to lug them in and out of your RV every time you setup/breakdown.
  • Wooden blocks are bulky. Remember that you will have to store these somewhere on travel days. We all know how valuable space is in an RV and wooden blocks can take up a lot of precious space.
  • Wooden blocks will sink in soft soil; meaning you’ll be getting dirty digging them out at the end of your camping trip.
Wooden blocks don't match up to SnapPads

Rae’s face says it all regarding our wooden blocks after a year on the road.

Pros and Cons of RV SnapPads

RV SnapPads are permanent jack pads made from recycled rubber that snap directly onto your RV’s leveling jacks. The installation is extremely simple and once they are on, you can forget about them. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of RV SnapPads.


SnapPads can be cleaned with a hose. They do not absorb moisture so you don’t have to worry about creating a cozy home for insects if (and when) they get wet. SnapPads are space saving since you don’t have to store them inside your rig. Once they are on your jacks, that’s where they stay.

  • Once SnapPads are installed they add an extra 1.13″ to your jack thickness, which adds additional stability and decreases the vibration felt through your jacks.
  • SnapPads come with a two year extended warranty on performance and defects.
  • SnapPads are made out of recycled rubber which prevents slippage.
  • SnapPads provide protection to your jackpads. With them on your are protecting your jacks against the elements and even your RV from possible electrical damage.
  • SnapPads are permanent. You don’t have to crawl under your RV anymore to set up jack pads or wooden blocks.


  • SnapPads are more expensive than wooden blocks.
  • If you’re on extremely uneven terrain, you may still have to use leveling blocks.
  • SnapPads don’t work on all jack types. If you’re curious if SnapPads will fit on your RV you can submit your rig on their website and they will advise which size is best.
SnapPads make your life easier compared to DIR solutions

How Rae feels since installing SnapPads.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the right tool for proper RV leveling, the clear choice is SnapPads. They are easy to install, protect your jacks and RV against wear and tear, and are a permanent solution. You won’t have to crawl on the ground to put boards down again!

Cheers to better RV leveling solutions

Cheers to no more crawling on the ground to get a level RV!

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