SnapPad EQ is Here for Equalizer Leveling Systems!

Spring has sprung and so has our latest product launch! RV SnapPad EQ is here for Equalizer leveling systems!

Common to many Newmar and Berkshire Class A Motorhomes (as well as Luxe Fifth Wheels), Equalizer systems feature a mix of round and Octagon shaped landing feet.

EQ Product Line

As a result, our SnapPad EQ currently comes in 3 configurations:

EQ Round:

4-pack of 10-inch pads for Equalizer systems with four round-shaped feet.

EQ Octagon:

4-pack of 10-inch pads for Equalizer systems with four octagon shaped feet.

EQ Plus:

4-pack with two 10" round pads & two 10" octagon pads for Equalizer systems.

Equalizer also makes larger round jacks (11.5") and we are currently developing a solution for these as well.

For now, both EQ Round and EQ Octagon only come in a 10" size. If you have the larger, round versions, please contact us at and we will put you on the waiting list for when they launch (probably by this summer).

Not sure how to check your leveling system? Check out our guide here. 

EQ Design Challenges

If you're familiar with our existing product family, you'll notice that EQ Round and Octagon look a lot like HiWay 10 (EQ Round) and SnapPad Prime (EQ Octagon). There's a good reason for that! Instead of starting from scratch, we began designing EQ's 10-inch SnapPads around what we already had.

However, to make things we work, we had to make some minor tweaks to both designs to accommodate the Equalizer feet. As a result, the products look almost exactly the same, but the new EQ versions have small differences that ensure a "SnapPad" quality fit.

As a result, please be sure to order a SnapPad EQ package if you have an Equalizer system!

Installing SnapPad EQ

It's vital to match the correct SnapPad EQ product with the corresponding Equalizer foot:

Check out our install video for detailed installation instructions. If you have any questions about which SnapPad EQ is right for your rig, please contact us at with your rig type, brand, and model. We'll do everything we can to guide you to right package.

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