When we designed RV SnapPads, we had two main goals: to make sure they could be permanently attached and so they could be easily installed by just about anyone. As a result, each SnapPad version was designed for a specific leveling system and more accurately, a particular size and shape of landing foot for that system.

When matched correctly, your SnapPads should install very easily, in a matter of seconds, once the weight of your RV presses down on your jacks. However, there are some circumstances where this may not happen.

To help out, we've put together the three most common issues which may prevent your pads from snapping on right away: they're the wrong sized pads, your jacks are bent, or jacks have a small size variation.  

1. Wrong SnapPads For Your Leveling System

This is most common and obvious reason. You'll know because your landing feet will either clearly be too large or small for the opening at the top of the SnapPad.

Luckily, this is an easy fix. If you find you have the wrong set, please contact our customer care specialists at info@rvsnappad.com. We'll refund your previous purchase and point you to the correct SnapPads for your jacks. 

2. Jack Foot Damage

"I followed your directions and my SnapPads will still not attached. What am I doing wrong?"

Short answer - nothing!

As landing feet designs change and RV's continue to get larger and heavier, some types of landing feet have a tendency to bend (which is why we recommend protecting your jacks by getting your SnapPads on your rig as soon as possible.)

The nature of the bend will depend on your RV type, size and the terrain you set up on. Here's an example of what we mean:

This image is from a 2018 motorhome with not many miles on it. As you can see, the landing foot has deformed upward to the degree that the outside lip is about an inch off the surface of the ground.

Since your SnapPads were designed for the landing foot in its original state, you may find no matter how much weight you place on the SnapPad it will not engage. 

Options to rectify this:

  • Install your SnapPads on softer terrain like grass or place a rubber mat underneath your pads. This will push the center down and force the SnapPad outside lip upward. Once your SnapPads engage, they should remain firmly attached. 
  • Replace your OEM landing feet. You can order them direct from the manufacturers' website or request free replacements if your RV is still under warranty. 
  • If neither of those options is of interest, you can always send you SnapPads back for a full refund.

Contact us at info@rvsnappad.com for further instructions.

3. Small jack size variations 

Your SnapPads should be snug. Very snug. On average, it takes 1,300 lbs of vertical pressure to install them, so you should not be able to spin or easily remove them with your hand.

However, we have found that some jack feet come out of the factory slightly smaller than expected, which causes your SnapPads to fit "loosely", even if they are technically the correct size for your system.

If you're finding this is the case with your SnapPads, please contact us at info@rvsnappad.com. Our customer service team will work with you to find the best solution to your fitment concerns. 

In summary, your SnapPads should fit like a glove and be easy to install. Should you experience any sort of difficulty, please contact us immediately so we can guide you to the best possible solution. 

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