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RV SnapPad has partnered with Equalizer Systems to provide customers of EQ better leveling for their Class A & C motorhomes as well as Luxe 5th wheels. 

Who are Equalizer Systems?

Equalizer Systems is a division of Days Corp which was founded in 1913. Since then it has grown into a well balanced and diversified corporation with five divisions, all contributing to a robust operation that is making a difference in a number of industries.

Over the years, Equalizer Systems has grown to occupy more than 100,000 square feet of manufacturing and installation space in Northern Indiana.

What RV’s Have Equalizer jacks?

It depends, however, EQ is most commonly found on the following brands:

  • Entegra Class A Motorhomes
  • Newmar Class A Motorhomes
  • Berkshire Class A Motorhomes
  • Charleston Class A Motorhomes
  • Legacy Class A Motorhomes
  • Luxe Augusta Fifth Wheels

It's important to note: always double check your leveling system and jack feet
before ordering SnapPads. Because there is no standard in the industry,
we cannot guarantee your rig will be compatible with SnapPads without a visual
inspection of your leveling system.

Which SnapPads Work with Equalizer Levelers?

EQ leveling systems come with a variety of jack foot sizes, depending on the size and type of rig. Current SnapPad sizes range from 10” to 12”, including pads for Equalizer’s octagon-shaped feet, so we encourage customers to always check their setup before buying. However, the size of your leveling feet will determine which pads are needed.

There are different configurations of EQ available for motorhome owners, including:

  • EQ Octagon (4 pads for 10” octagon feet)
  • EQ Plus (2 pads for 10” octagon feet, 2 pads for 12” round feet)
  • EQ Grand (4 pads for 12” round feet)

EQ Round

EQ Round are 10” pads, designed for round-shaped levelers. If your system has four round-shaped levelers, then this is the pack for you.

EQ Octagon

EQ Octagon pads are also 10” pads, however, they are designed for your octagon-shaped leveling feet. If all your levelers are octagon shaped, then this is the pack for you.

EQ Grand

EQ Grand is our upcoming pads for 12” round landing feet. It comes in a variety of configurations for Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels. Only made for the largest of jack feet!

Need Help Selecting the Pads for You?

Check out this handy checklist from Equalizer Systems to find which product works for you! Or you can call us at 1.855.762.7723 or email us now at

Where Can I Buy Them?

You can buy SnapPads here, or from the Equalizer Store! You can also catch EQ reps across RV rallies, selling SnapPad for the remainder of the summer.

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