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An RV tongue jack can be one of the best upgrades that many RV owners make to their rig. A capable tongue jack for your RV can save you time and energy when camping. There are plenty of options to consider if you’re looking to upgrade or replace your existing tongue jack. So what is the best RV tongue jack? Let’s look and see!

What Is An RV Tongue Jack?

An RV tongue jack raises and lowers the front of a travel trailer’s frame. This can be extremely helpful when hitching and unhitching a travel trailer. A tongue jack is also the primary means of leveling a travel trailer from front to back.

If you’ve ever tried to walk around an unlevel RV front to back, you know how incredibly uncomfortable this can be. It’s essential to have a quality RV tongue jack to enjoy your travel trailer fully.


An Airstream travel trailer set up for a weekend of camping.
An Airstream travel trailer set up for a weekend of camping.


Electric Tongue Jack vs. Manual

There are two different RV tongue jacks for raising and lowering your RV. Electric tongue jacks run off the RV’s 12-volt electric system and do all the heavy lifting for you. On the other hand, manual jacks require the user to turn a crank that raises and lowers the jack. This can be a rather strenuous process, especially if you don’t have a tremendous amount of arm strength.

While electric tongue jacks are fantastic, they’re not perfect. If you manage to find yourself with a dead battery, you’re likely not going to be able to use your electric tongue jack. Luckily, most electric tongue jacks come with a handle to raise and lower the jack manually.

Deciding between an electric tongue jack and a manual tongue jack will largely depend on how often you use your RV and your strength. If you’re finding it very difficult to use your manual tongue jack, it might be worth upgrading to an electric tongue jack.

How to Determine What Size Tongue Jack You Need

To determine which tongue jack you’ll need for your RV, you’ll need to know the tongue weight of your trailer. Just because your RV weighs 6,000 to 7,000 lbs doesn’t mean you need a tongue jack capable of lifting that weight. The tongue weight of a travel trailer is typically somewhere between 10% and 15% of the trailer’s overall weight.

For example, a 6,000 to 7,000 lbs trailer would require a tongue jack capable of lifting 900 to 1,000 lbs. However, you want to pick a tongue jack that is more than capable of getting the job done. If not, the jack may struggle or experience a shorter life due to excessive wear and tear on the components.

If you’re upgrading your tongue jack, you want to make sure you consider the actual weight of your RV. The weight your manufacturer advertises is typically the weight when empty. You’ll add a good amount of weight with the various camping supplies and gear you’ll need during your adventures.


A Lippert tongue jack setup on a travel trailer.
A Lippert tongue jack setup on a travel trailer.


The Best RV Tongue Jacks

When you need to get the job done, you don’t want to trust just any RV tongue jack for the job. You want the absolute best to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So here are a handful of the best options we think are worth considering! 

1. Husky 82022 Super Brute Electric Jack with Remote

One of the beefiest electric tongue jacks on the market, the Husky 82022 Super Brute can lift just about anything. It has a 5,000 lb lifting capacity and an 18” stroke. The remote control is an added convenient feature that allows you to raise and lower the tongue jack from up to 40 feet away!

This electric jack truly lives up to its name as a super brute. A reviewer on Amazon tells about how the Husky has changed his towing experience in his review that says, “I used to dread the thought of removing the trailer from the truck, now I don't hesitate to disconnect it anymore. What a pleasure!” **Works with our Mini 5.5 SnapPad**

2. Bulldog 500199 A-Frame Electric Tongue Jack

If you want an electric jack that will not back down from a challenge, the Bulldog 500199 is as tough as they come. It has a 4,000 lb lifting capacity and has a spring-loaded drop leg. The jack extends from 34.5” and provides 24” of clearance when retracted. You can use the jack’s three LED lights to stay safe while hitching and unhitching at night.

If you’re on the fence about upgrading your tongue jack, don’t wait any longer. Installation is straightforward. One reviewer on Amazon states, “This thing is great. Easy to install, easy to wire. No more cranking the camper up and down.” It’s a simple impact that has a major impact! **Please note that this one does not work with SnapPads**


Stop manually raising and lowering your RV; let an electric tongue jack do the work.
Stop manually raising and lowering your RV; let an electric tongue jack do the work.


3. Lippert 285317 Power Tongue Jack

Why not turn to one of the most famous names in RV aftermarket products? Lippert makes various products to help make RVing easier, including the Lippert 285317 power tongue jack. It has a lifting capacity of 3,500 lbs and is built incredibly tough. The housing that protects the jack’s components has a texture that helps resist chips and cracks from weathering.

The Lippert 285317 can save you time and energy. This is a quiet and efficient power tongue jack that does the job! A happy Amazon customer left a review and said, “It was an easy installation and only took about 5 minutes to mount it and wire it up.” **Works with our Mini 5.5 SnapPad**

4. SuperHandy Trailer Power Tongue Jack

The SuperHandy trailer power tongue jack has a lift capacity of 3,500 lbs. You can choose to wire it directly into the RV’s 12-volt electrical system or use the 7-pin connector. While other jacks require grounding, the SuperHandy is internally grounded and doesn’t require a ground wire. The 6” footpad ensures plenty of support for your RV’s A-frame.

Users love the SuperHandy and how easy it is to install and use. One Amazon reviewer says, “Easy to install, has enough power to lift our trailer easily. Very happy with this tongue jack. I would recommend it to anyone.” The steel gear motor and a 15A circuit breaker help create a very long life span for this jack, which means not having to shop for another jack anytime soon. **Works with our Mini 6 SnapPad**

5. Curt Direct Weld-On Heavy-Duty Trailer Jack

Curt is another well-recognized name when it comes to towing supplies. The Curt Direct Weld-On Heavy Duty jack is one rugged product. It can lift 8,000 lbs of trailer tongue weight and provides 15.25 inches of vertical movement. This is a manual tongue jack, but the top-wind handle makes manually raising and lowering your trailer incredibly easy. You don’t have to wear yourself out at the start or end of your camping trip. Let this jack do the work for you!

To maximize the life of the jack and ensure ease of use, Curt installed a grease fitting. One reviewer states, “Another nice feature is a grease fitting for the screw part of the jack. I highly recommend it for quality and price.” Keeping your RV tongue jack greased allows it to stay in good working order. **Please note that this one does not work with SnapPads**


Switch out your old manual tongue jack like this one! With an electric tongue jack, you can spend more time camping and less time setting up at your campsite.
Switch out your old manual tongue jack like this one! With an electric tongue jack, you can spend more time camping and less time setting up at your campsite.


Protect Your RV Tongue Jack With SnapPad

After a couple of camping seasons, your RV tongue jack can begin to show signs of abuse. The SnapPad Mini is the perfect way to keep your tongue jack landing footpad looking like new. By installing a SnapPad on your landing foot pad, you increase the jack's footprint and create a more stable and anti-slip surface.

The SnapPad Mini installs in seconds and will stay in place under your tongue jack. You no longer have to worry about carrying wood or plastic blocks with you on your adventures. As they’re capable of withstanding 10,000+ pounds per pad, they’re capable of withstanding any abuse you throw their way.


Protect your RV tongue jack with an RV SnapPad!
Protect your RV tongue jack with an RV SnapPad!


Upgrade Your RV Tongue Jack Today

Upgrading your RV tongue jack is a no-brainer for those tired of struggling to raise and lower their RV. RVing is a leisurely activity that reduces your stress and anxiety. However, a crummy RV tongue jack can cause you to start your trips off on the wrong foot. So upgrade your RV tongue jack today and help ensure your future camping trips are as smooth as possible.

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