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By: The Getaway Couple Jason & Rae

We want you to have the best summer possible! To do that we’re recommending our favorite products that help set up camp faster and transform your outdoor space to be a place of pure leisure.

I don’t know about you but when we arrive in a new campground we want to unhitch and set up as fast as possible so we can get to the fun stuff.

To do that we highly recommend these RV accessories:

1.) Metal Glove Holder:

This is such a simple upgrade but can save you from a ton of irritating moments. We were sick of always forgetting where we put our gloves when we were getting ready to set up our sewer. Simply adding this magnetic glove holder to the inside of our utility bay has saved us time and frustration!

2.) MORryde Hose Holder:

Adding this holder to our arsenal meant we stopped fighting with the electrical cord and saved our backs from carrying it around each trip. Trust us when we say this upgrade will change your RV life in the best way possible.

3.) Sewer Hose Support:

Having a sewer hose support keeps your hose off the ground and the incline ensures you are getting everything out of your hose. Adding this step to your setup process means that you’ll be able to dump more efficiently and quickly when you are tearing down camp.

4.) RV Lock:

We love having our RV Lock! It’s even better in the summer when you are constantly going in and out of the RV. You don’t have to worry about keys (which is perfect if you’re heading to the pool) because you can manually enter your passcode into the handle.

It also comes with a key fob so you can easily unlock your door before carrying a large load of groceries in.

5.) RV Printables:

Yes, this is our own product but we know it’s helped other RVers stay organized on the road and we know it can definitely help you! We’ve created over 40 pages of worksheets and checklists to help plan your trip, keep important information handy, and keep your RV life in order.

6.) RV SnapPads

Nothing will save you more time during setup than adding SnapPads to your jacks! We love them because once you install them, you can literally forget about them.

You’ll never have to crawl under your rig to set up wooden blocks or jack pads again. If you want to know more about why SnapPads are better than blocks, we wrote another article about it here.

    Alright, those are our favorite RV accessories to help set up camp faster. Now it’s time to make your outdoor experience the best it can be! When we picture the perfect campsite it includes a combination of outdoor games, delicious food, and a comfortable place to relax.

    These RV accessories are the best for creating an environment the whole campground wishes they had:

    7.) Outdoor Screen Tent:

    We went two years on the road without purchasing an outdoor bug tent and we could kick ourselves for waiting that long! This summer we decided we needed to have one and purchased this one off Amazon. It’s a great place to get some shade on those hot summer days and the perfect location to store food away from bugs if you’re having a bbq or potluck.

    8.) Propane Fire Pit:

    Having a propane fire pit is almost essential to ensuring your summer nights are spent right. We prefer a propane fire pit because you don’t end up smelling like smoke and the cleanup is so much easier.

    9.) Mosquito Repellant Shield:

    Nothing ruins your time outside faster than blood thirsty mosquitoes! We had many evenings ruined because we had to take cover back inside. We also spent more than we’d like buying and testing out the different methods advertised to keep mosquitos away, so trust us when we say this little gadget works!

    10.) LED String Lights:

    String lights add great ambiance to your outdoor setup. Hang them across your RV or if you have a site with trees, hang them from tree to tree to create a fun look!

    11.) Blackstone Grill:

    If you’ve been immersed in the RV lifestyle for any amount of time, we’re sure you’ve heard someone ranting and raving about their Blackstone grill.

    You can cook up a whole meal of veggies and meat on this bad boy! There are Facebook groups dedicated to sharing recipes and seasoning tips, so don’t hesitate to jump on this bandwagon if you love grilling.

    12.) Zero Gravity Chairs:

    If you are someone who likes to spend hours outside watching the other campers go by then you need to get yourself a zero gravity chair. They are super comfortable for lounging or even taking your afternoon naps in.

    13.) Corn Hole

    Can you even go RVing without playing a game of corn hole? If you’re a social butterfly then this game is great for bringing strangers together in your RV park. Ask your neighbor to play a game if you don’t have enough people and make sure to bring it on family trips!

    14.) Outdoor Trash Can

    An outdoor trash can is such a simple item but very necessary. It only took us a few times of needing to walk in the RV to throw something away to realize the importance of adding a small outdoor trash can to our accessories. If you’re a bigger family or hostiång folks at your site, a large is a must!

    15.) Outdoor Rug

    Adding an outdoor rug is not only a fun way to add some color or a fun print to your decor but extremely practical. They help collect dirt off your shoes before entering your RV and keep the space right outside your door free of mud or soft grass.

      Those are our 15 RV accessories you need this summer! They will make setting up camp easier and ensure you have the best camping trip ever. Do you have any RV accessories you think should be added to the list?

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