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By: The Getaway Couple Jason & Rae

Now that we’ve been on the road for nearly three years, we’ve learned a thing or two about which RV products and accessories have made RV life easier, and which aren’t worth the buy. We like upgrades and accessories that make setup faster, help in emergencies, or prevent mistakes on the road. There are a ton of gadgets out there that just adds confusion to newbie RVers, and some are pretty expensive so if they aren’t worth it, it’s like throwing money down the drain. We’ve tried and tested a ton of RV products and accessories over the years so you don’t have to. Below are awesome products that make RV life easier.

5. Clear Sewer Hose Adapter

We’re starting our list off with a product that is extremely simple, yet very useful. The Clear Sewer Hose Adapter from Camco is a must-have for every RVer. If you want to ensure you’re cleaning your tanks properly, this needs to be on your list. While it may not be the most fun topic to discuss related to RVing, ensuring your holding tanks are clean is something you need to be aware of. By properly cleaning your tanks, you are ensuring your tanks last the life of your RV, don’t get a funky smell, and preventing any type of build-up. The clear elbow adapter allows you to see what is coming out of your tanks and allows you to know they are properly cleaned when the water runs clear.

4. VIAIR Compressor Kit

The VIAIR Portable Air Compressor Kit is well worth the money! We highly recommend this product to every RVer. At the beginning of our RVing journey, we learned the hard way that RV tires need a much higher PSI than trucks or cars. The tires on our fifth wheel require a PSI of 110 while most gas station air compressors only go up to 80 PSI. Imagine our irritation when we thought we were filling our RV tires at a gas station when instead we were deflating them! After this debacle, we purchased the VIAIR RV Compressor and never looked back. The VIAIR Air Compressor can go up to 150 PSI and is so easy to use. You just connect it to your truck or RV battery and are able to fill up anywhere! It’s come in handy at campgrounds, on the road, and boondocking.

A VIAIR Compressor is a must-have for RVers!
A VIAIR Compressor is a must-have for RVers!

3. Instant Pot

If you haven’t heard, the Instant Pot is all the rage in the RV community. We know some RVers that even own two or three! Their popularity is because they are easy to use, take up minimal valuable space, and can cook a wide range of meals. As I’m sure you know, space is extremely important to RVers, so to have a cooking device that only takes up one small corner of your cupboard space is fantastic. There are tons of recipes online for the Instant Pot, ranging from the perfect sticky rice to jambalaya to Thai curry to cheesecake. The possibilities are endless! What’s truly awesome about the Instant Pot is how quickly it cooks as well. There’s no need to waste valuable electricity when boondocking or wait all day for a meal when some recipes are done in 30 minutes or less. Also, who doesn’t love to be able to throw everything in one pot and be done cooking?

We love cooking with our Instant Pot!
We love cooking with our Instant Pot!

2. RV Backup Camera

We recommend a backup camera for all RVers, newbie or experienced, to make RV life easier. Even if your RV doesn’t come with a backup camera, most RVs now are prewired for them so installation is a breeze. Backup cameras provide much more value than you think. Of course, they are there to assist you when backing up your RV, however, most cameras on the market today are able to be kept on while driving so you get multiple vantage points. An added bonus for these types of cameras is that they can double as a security camera so you can see what’s going on around you without ever having to leave your RV. We’re excited to see technology items like backup cameras taking a step forward!

An RV Backup Camera is a good investment for new or seasoned RVers.
An RV Backup Camera is a good investment for new or seasoned RVers.

1. RV SnapPads

We highly recommend RV SnapPads to everyone! We originally wanted the SnapPad XTRA for our Grand Design Solitude because we didn’t like putting jack pads down everywhere we went. We hated the process of one of us lining up a jack pad while yelling at the other on the controls to lower the jack. While SnapPads did remove that annoying process for us, they added so many benefits to make RV life easier for us! We now have more traction on every surface, but especially on loose rock and mud while boondocking. They protect our jacks from curling and give us a bigger footprint for more stability and less shaking. Last but not least, they are extremely easy to put on and permanent so we never have to think about them again. Truly, the ultimate product to make RV life easier.

Our SnapPads have been a total game-changer for our RV lifestyle!
Our SnapPads have been a total game-changer for our RV lifestyle!

There you have it, our 5 awesome products to make RV life easier! We love each of these products and know you won’t regret buying any of them. Let us know what your favorite products are that make your RV life easier!

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