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Motorhome leveling systems have exponentially improved over the years. Thanks to these advancements, you can now level your motorhome at the press of a button. However, a few types of motorhome leveling systems can get the job done.

Today, we’ll look at the different motorhome leveling systems and how they work.

What Is a Motorhome Leveling System?

When you park your motorhome, you need to level it. Doing so makes it more comfortable and helps it run more efficiently. A leveling system uses built-in jacks to lift the low side of your motorhome. These systems can be beneficial, especially when parking on uneven terrain at a campsite.

Larger rigs typically use hydraulic leveling systems to do the heavy lifting. However, some electric leveling systems run off the RV’s 12-volt power system. Depending on your motorhome, you may have to run your rig to use your leveling system.


A level motorhome is key to a successful trip.A level motorhome is key to a successful trip.

What Happens If You Don’t Level Your RV?

One of the most apparent problems with not leveling your RV is that you’ll be uncomfortable. Trying to sleep in an unlevel bed or walk around inside can cause a challenge, especially if you’re extremely unlevel. You may tolerate it for a night, but you’ll want to level your RV if parking for an extended time.

However, leveling isn’t just about your comfort. Many propane appliances must stay within a few degrees of level to operate efficiently. If your RV is uneven and has a propane refrigerator, you may have issues cooling it. This can result in having to toss out spoiled food.

Many manufacturers caution RV owners about extending slides when an RV isn’t level. Extending and retracting your slides can cause binding in the sensitive components in the mechanisms. Damaging your slides can be costly and make it very difficult to use your rig. 

No matter where you park, leveling your RV is essential.
No matter where you park, leveling your RV is essential.

Do You Need to Level Your Motorhome Every Time?

Anytime you park your motorhome, ensure it’s as level as possible. The more unlevel, the more likely you will experience issues. If you plan to use your RV while parked, you’ll want to level it as much as possible. Whether this means fully leveling your motorhome or finding a relatively flat spot to park. It typically won't take much effort if you have the right tools, such as leveling blocks.

If you park for an extended time, level it as much as possible. Find the evenest spot and use leveling blocks as necessary. Take your time and do it right — you won’t regret it.

Can You Add Leveling Jacks to a Motorhome?

While many motorhomes come with leveling jacks straight from the manufacturer, not all do. You can add after-market kits if it doesn’t come with a leveling system pre-installed. Due to the risks, you’ll likely want to leave the installation to professionals unless you have the necessary tools and knowledge.

How Do the Different Motorhome Leveling Systems Work?

Motorhomes have different leveling systems. They can make it easy to level your RV and provide stability. However, they get the job done in different ways. Let’s look at how the different motorhome leveling systems work. Let’s get started. 

You need to know your system and how it works!
You need to know your system and how it works!

Power Gear Hydraulic Leveling System

The Power Gear Hydraulic Leveling System by Lippert uses a four-point system that can level and stabilize even the largest of motorhomes. It eliminates the rocking and swaying that many users experience at campsites. It easily fits a majority of the Class A and Class C rigs.

Because Class A  and Class C motorhomes aren’t light, this leveling system requires a running engine to level it. The hydraulic lines will pressurize as the jacks contact the ground and increase the pressure as they begin to bear the load of the motorhome. This system is one of the best available and can level your RV in minutes. If you’re curious about Lippert’s other leveling systems, you can read about those here

HWH Hydraulic Leveling System

You're in good hands if your motorhome has an HWH Hydraulic Leveling System. HWH jumped into the RV industry when they saw how their products could help a relatively untapped market. Their leveling system can provide 24” of stroke and lift upward of 24,000 lbs.

These systems store hydraulic fluid in a reservoir that gets pumped through a filter, pressure switch, and selector valve. It then reaches an actuator, where the fluid begins to pressurize the entire system. This allows the system to smoothly and safely level the largest rigs. You get a premium and stable leveling experience with the HWH hydraulic systems.

Equalizer Systems

Equalizer leveling systems use hydraulic fluid to get the job done. This company has been running since 1913 and now occupies more than 100,000 sq ft in the RV capital of the world. Their leveling systems are common on many of the largest and most luxurious Class A motorhomes and some Luxe fifth wheels.

Equalizer Systems has even created a line of smart-leveling as an after-market kit compliant with the strictest of frame warranties. These hydraulic systems use pumps and actuators to pressurize the system and lift the low side of your rig. Additionally, you don’t have to modify the chassis if you add this kit to your system.

Leveling your RV doesn’t have to be complicated.
Leveling your RV doesn’t have to be complicated.

Protect Your Motorhome Leveling System With RV SnapPads

No matter what type of leveling system you have, you want to ensure it lasts a long time. RV SnapPads can help protect your landing gear and provide a more stable experience. You can find RV SnapPads to fit just about every motorhome system. Even after years of use, your landing gear will look as good as new.

If you’re not sure what size SnapPad you would need, you can use the Submit Your Rig feature on our website. This quiz asks you a few key questions about your RV, which we can use to recommend the right product for you.

Leveling your RV doesn’t have to be complicated. As you can see, the leveling systems used in many modern motorhomes are efficient and effective. You don’t want to take any chances of causing damage or being uncomfortable. The more you use your leveling system, the more comfortable you’ll feel while camping.

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