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Merry Christmas everyone!

The holiday season is here. That means good food and good times with your friends and family. It also means it's time to start looking for gifts for the RVers in your life.

To help you out, the team here at RV SnapPad have put together a Christmas gift guide featuring some of the coolest and most useful RV-related accessories out there right now.  

The list started to get really long, so to narrow it down we limited it the top seven best RV related gifts that we could think of.

An easy way to get pure, clean drinking water from just about anywhere. The Camco filter gets rid of chlorine, odours and even helps prevent bacteria growth. Made with an extra wide body, it has a large capacity and increased water flow as a result. 

Definitely should be a part of any essential RV kit.

    Have a comfy chair/sofa anywhere you travel with the Treadway Lounger. No more sitting on the hard ground while camping, the Treadway is also rip resistant, super easy to inflate and comes with a handy ground stake.

    Say goodbye to lugging around heavy beach or patio furniture everywhere you go! 

      Keep your RV odor free! Drain master's RV sewer vent cap! We all know holding tank smells can be a problem, so Drainmaster has come up with an easy solution.

      This 360 degree patented siphon is nothing like an ordinary vent cap: it channels natural air flow from all directions into its center, pulling noxious fumes away from the tank.

        Wineglasses are notoriously easy to tip over and break. With the D'Vine glass holder you no longer have to worry about that while camping, at the beach or even on the boat. With three different attachments, the D'Vine glass holder is highly adaptable to different terrains and needs.

        In fact, it can also be strapped securely to your chair and can work with both stemmed glasses and tumbler cups! Perfect for the camper/wine enthusiast.

        Super bright, waterproof and portable, we highly recommend grabbing a Litom LED headlamp (if you don't have one already). Great for a variety of outdoor activiy and camping needs, you can use this while reading in the tent, or strap it to your bike to go riding at night. 

        With six different light modes (including two red modes) and up to 110 lumens of light, the Susper Bright can shine as far as 110 meters in the dark. 

        For the RVer who has everything, give them gift of never having to crawl underneath their RV to set up jack pads or leveling blocks ever again. Durable, stable and good looking to boot, RV SnapPads are the new standard for RV levelling!

        Made to fit on LCI® 9" round feet, feel free to contact us at to find out if they'll work on the RV in question.

          That's our list. Merry Christmas from the SnapPad team and happy gift hunting everyone!

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