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Choosing the Right Recreational Vehicle for Your Budget

Whether you are a full-time or part-time RV'er, you want to make sure you find the right rig that both meets your needs on the road and won't break the bank as well.

There's a wide variety of RV & Motorhome types and classes to choose from, so it's important to know the price and amenity differences between them all. 

It's also important to note that many RV and motorhome dealerships offer RV purchase financing. For more information on RV financing, reach out to your local bank, or contact a financial institution.

Class A RV's

Class A RV's are the largest and must luxurious in the industry. They offer the most features and amenities, as well as lots of living space and appliances. These types of RV's are most meant for full-time traveling enthusiast.  

Class A RV's and Motorhomes typically start at around $200,000 and can go as high as $1.5 Million. 

Class B RV's

Class B RV's, sometimes referred to as camper vans, are the smallest in the RV family. Class B motorhomes are not nearly as luxurious as their Class A cousins, however they are big enough for 2-3 travellers. Class B camper vans are also typically equipped with compact kitchens and limited bathroom facilities. 

Great for weekend travellers and short-stay holidays, Class B RV's are also fairly inexpensive, compared to Class A motorhomes, starting at around $80,000 and running up to $175,000.

Class C RV's 

Class C RV's are a combination of Class A & B into a hybrid class of motorhomes. Class C RV's are most recognized for their over-the-cab sleeping area, which save space for the interior of the vehicle.

Class C motorhomes also come in a variety of sizes, but never quite meet the same space as a Class A motorhome. A Class C still offers many amenities, and is a good option for full-timers.

A Class C motorhome typically starts around $50,000, and can go up to $115,000 for the more luxurious models.

Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers

Fifth wheels are not self contained RV's, they need to be towed by a flatbed or pickup truck. Fifth wheel travel trailers offer more square footage than any other RV, which is appealing to families or larger groups.

Sizes vary for fifth wheels, however the size of fifth wheel you choose will likely be largely dependant on your towing capacity. Fifth wheels are generally inexpensive, starting at $40,000 and going up to $125,000 for larger sizes.

The most compact and affordable, pop up and truck campers are the cheapest and smallest of the RV'ing options. They are easy to tow and park, and are mounted into the back of a truck. These types of RV's are great for weekend camping enthusiasts, but poorly suited for long term holidays.

Starting at just $5,000 for a popup camper and $8,000 for a truck camper, and going up to a max of $15,000, getting started with popup or truck campers is the best option for first timers.

Looking for an RV loan? Check out this forum on the top RV loan leaders. You can also consider renting an RV if you're not looking to break the bank.

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