Benefits of RV SnapPad

The SnapPad Difference

The SnapPad Difference

SnapPad won't just change how you use your RV, it'll change your camping experience. No more positioning jackpads or levelers under your RV. No more storing dirty blocks or boards. Durable and long lasting, SnapPads can withstand extreme weather and environmental conditions. SnapPads increase the stability and weight distribution of your rig, while protecting your jack foot from rust and other damage.

Easy Set-Up

Easy Set-Up

SnapPads can be installed in minutes but will stay on forever. Snap them on and rid yourself of all your leveling hassles.

Prime Installation
Xtra Installation

Less Fuss, More Fun!

  • Permanent

    Installs in seconds. Stays on forever. Say goodbye to crawling under your rig every time you set up.

  • Stability

    SnapPad increases stability in 3 ways: a larger footprint, more vibration dampening, and by conforming to uneven terrain like gravel.

  • Anti-slip

    SnapPads are made from durable rubber that grips any terrain. No more popping jacks or slipping in high winds or slick surfaces like ice.

  • Protection

    SnapPads absorb the daily punishment of the road and elements instead of your metal landing feet. Helps prevent the protective coating from being damaged by gravel, concrete, asphalt and the environment.

  • Rugged

    Our process uses recycled tire crumb, high strength resin, and a 100+ ton press to make SnapPads extremely durable.

    As a result, SnapPads are engineered to be resistant to UV exposure, water, heat, oil, tar, mud, and any other environmental hazard.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Made in the USA from recycled American tires. Good for the environment. Good for the country.

  • Electrical Insulator

    Helps protect your family and electronics in the event of an electrical surge from a lightning strike.

  • Aesthetics

    SnapPads looks as good as they work! Complete your RV by giving it some new, fancy shoes ☺


What Are SnapPads?

RV SnapPads are permanent jack pads made from recycled rubber.

Do they work on Motorhomes?

Yes! We have a couple version. Although most of our pictures are of 5th wheels, SnapPads will work on your motorhome if you have the appropriate leveling system. SnapPad Prime is compatible with Power Gear & Kwikee 'Level Best' jacks. SnapPad Xtra works on several systems such as: LCI's 'Level up', 'Ground Control 3.0' and new 'Ground Control TT' as well as Rieco - Titan's 'Speedy' 5th wheel landing gear. Feel free to contact us if you aren't sure!

Where are SnapPads made?

SnapPads are manufactured in Mishawaka, Indiana.

How long does it take to reach me once I order?

Generally orders ship out within 1 - 4 days (not including weekends). Once shipped, orders typically arrive within 3 - 5 business days.

I didn’t get my order confirmation. What gives?

When you place your order, you should immediately receive an email confirmation. Be sure to check your spam/junk folder as your email service may not recognize us yet. If you still can’t find it, please contact us and we’ll make it right. On some occasions it’s a simple fix - like a misspelling of your email on the order form!

How strong are SnapPads?

SnapPad Xtra's have been tested to withstand well over 10,000 lbs per pad. SnapPad Prime's have been tested to withstand over 20,000 lbs per pad. We also tested SnapPads in extreme temperature conditions (+120 to -40) to ensure they will stay on your Rig no matter what you put them through.

How do you install them?

3 simple steps: Add a bead of soap or grease around the lip of the pad (and metal landing pad) to help lubricate the process. Position the SnapPads under your jack feet and lower the feet into the SnapPad. For further instructions, check out our Installation videos.

Can I take them off?

Yes, there is a bolt access hole on the bottom. You can take the entire foot off with SnapPad attached. If you need, you can also pry the pads off, however we do not recommend this as you may compromise the lip therefore voiding your warranty.

Is there a warranty? How Long?

Yes. There is a two year manufacturers limited warranty, meaning any issues you encounter within two years of your order date will be covered by us at no cost. Warranty is void if installed, uninstalled or used in any other way detailed in the terms & conditions.

Will SnapPads work on my rig?

Great question! We've come to learn there are many leveling systems in the market. SnapPad Prime is compatible with Power Gear & Kwikee 'Level Best' jacks (which are roughly 10" - 10.5" in diameter). Commonly found on Class A & Class C motorhomes. SnapPad Xtra works on several systems such as: LCI's 'Level up', 'Ground Control 3.0' and new 'Ground Control TT' as well as Rieco - Titan's 'Speedy' 5th wheel landing gear. (which all have a standard 9" diameter landing foot). These systems can be installed on variety of RV types including 5th wheels, toy haulers, travel trailers and some motorhomes. We recommend you double check which system your rig has prior to purchasing. Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll help figure it out.

My bank charged me a "foreign transaction fee" - Why?

SnapPads are manufactured in Indiana however our corporate offices are located in Western Canada. Some banks will charge a $1.00 - $4.00 additional fee because of this. This is an internal bank policy that we have no control over and we receive none of that fee. Quite honestly we are as annoyed as you are about it. Our customers feedback has shown, even with this fee, they still feel their SnapPads are well worth it.