The Cap

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The Cap by RV SnapPad – your stackers' new best friend!

Picture this: The Cap is like your trusty sidekick, made from the same rugged recycled tires as the SnapPads you know and love. It's here to prevent any embarrassing slip-ups in the RV world. Kind of like an RV chaperone.

Designed to snugly fit a wide variety of 8 ½ X 8 ½" plastic stacker blocks, The Cap is your ultimate grip-enhancing, safety-boosting, and damage-preventing companion. Just pop it on top of your stack, and boom! Say goodbye to those plastic stacker blocks that are as reliable as a banana peel on an ice rink.

Get The Cap! Trust us, your stackers will thank you!

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  • Add Extra Grip To Your Plastic Stackers
  • Increased Safety & Stability
  • Protect From Wear & Tear
  • Made From American Recycled Rubber
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