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What RV's Does SnapPad Xtra Fit On?

"Will SnapPad work on my RV?" is a question we get a lot. While we would have loved to have made a version that works for everyone, we had to test our idea first to make sure people were actually going to like what we made. After all, no one had ever done a permanent jack pad before!

To test our concept, we chose a design catered to the jacks from the leading supplier of RV components: Lippert components (LCI). Lippert was founded in 1956 and has since become a staple in the RV Industry - In fact, there's a a good chance something on your RV was manufactured by them.

To kick things off, we chose their standard 9-inch round landing foot, which is what SnapPad XTRA currently fits on. The systems that currently have this foot, include: LCI's Level up, Ground Control 2.0 & 3.0 as well as the new Ground Control TT leveling jacks.

Okay great! So which RV's do they work on?

SnapPad XTRA was designed for luxury 5th wheels and toy haulers, however it works great on some Class-A Motorhomes and now some premium travel trailers as well**.  

If you have a premium 5th wheel or toy hauler made by one of these brands, there is an excellent chance a 6 pack of SnapPad's will work for you. 

* Did we miss one? Let us know and we'll add it!

That's not all. We've learned that SnapPad work great on some Class-A Motorhomes as well!

Do you own a:

*Picture of John & Keri's Thor Hurricane 35C

  • Thor
  • Winnebago 
  • Forest River

A 4 pack of SnapPads may work great for you!

That said, there are more considerations with motorhomes. 

  1. Some Thor Motorhomes have larger 12" landing feet in the rear. Double check yours to be sure. 
  2. Depending on the year of Winnebago, you could have number of different leveling systems. Double check yours to be sure. 
  3. Forest River generally comes standard with LCI jacks. But, of course...DOUBLE CHECK TO BE SURE!

* Did we miss one? Let us know and we'll add it!

Ground Control TT - This is a new release by LCI and we're still figuring out which travel trailers it works with. It also depends on whether you upgraded leveling jacks or not. 

So, if you bought you travel trailer recently and your jacks look like the pic below, you're good for a 2 or 4 pack of SnapPads. 

That's it for SnapPad XTRAs! More versions coming soon.

Speaking of which...we're very excited to announce the release of a new product line for larger, 10-inch Class-A jacks. Details available soon.

** Disclaimer - while we have tried to make this list as accurate as possible, it's always best to double check what system your RV is equipped with. After market changes are common and depending on the year of your RV, you may have a completely different system. 

If you have any questions about compatibility, contact us anytime at or 1.855.762.7723!