NEW! StakPad™ Pre-Sale 2-Pack

Sale price $53.97 Regular price $89.95

US Patent Pending

NEW! StakPad™ Pre-Sale 2-Pack

US Patent Pending
Sale price $53.97 Regular price $89.95

"The purchase process was simple and putting them on even easier. Awesome addition to any camper, fifth wheel or RV. Would highly recommend it as one of the first RV accessories to purchase."

John M. | Verified SnapPad Customer

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StakPad™ is Coming Soon - Buy Now & Save 40%!

Complement your life on the road with our latest innovative accessory, StakPad™!

The revolutionary hybrid design combines the best of rubber & plastic attributes to create the strongest, most durable and stable stacker leveling block in RVing.

The StakPad™ Difference:

1. 12” x 12” x 2” high with rubber top installed
2. 12” x 12” x 1.75” high without rubber top installed
3. Each additional StakPad adds 1.5” of stack height
4. 5lb each (7.6lb with rubber top)
5. Weight capacity TBD (we keep breaking equipment trying to figure it out…)
6. Recycled crumb rubber base and top (handmade in the USA)
7. Partially recycled (and recyclable) thermoplastic middle (made in Canada)
8. Hand-assembled, packaged, and shipped in both Canada and the USA

Be one of the first RVers to experience the next step in premium leveling blocks. Join the StakPad™ revolution today by signing up for our waiting list, and get a special price on the exclusive first StakPad™ release. 

You can save 40% now by purchasing today and being the first to receive your StakPads!

Special Considerations
  • Stack as a column or pyramid in a variety of configurations
  • Long-lasting, durable construction
  • Built-in handle
  • Made in Canada and the USA

Product Add-Ons

Woman stands with SnapPad on Motorhome


The Ultimate RV Accessory

SnapPad on leveling system on dirt terrain

Permanent Attachment

Installs in seconds. Stays on forever. Say goodbye to crawling under your rig for leveling blocks.


Larger Surface Area

Enjoy greater stability inside and out of the rig, leading to less shaking and rocking, and a more enjoyable RVing experience.

Enhanced Protection

Your jacks are protected from the elements with SnapPads installed. No more damaging the surfaces you park on either.

Environmentally Friendly

Over 50,000 tires have been taken from American land fills and converted into long-lasting, rugged SnapPads.


With SnapPads installed, your rig will have less slipping and sliding on all terrains and conditions.

Electrical Insulator

Rubber SnapPads help ground your rig during thunder storms, so you don't need to worry about damage to your systems or appliances.

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